Peg Thomas

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207 460 9373

2596 Bryden Rd, Bexley, OH 43209


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Social Service


I have a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, from Michigan State University; and an MDiv from General Theological Seminary (Episcopalian) in NYC. After receiving my MDiv, the Bishop of Maine called me to start a Deacon Formation Program in Maine. I gathered a small group of Mainers, women and men and a couple of deacons, to help in creating such a program. Meanwhile, I did some “supply” preaching and also had three years as the Priest-in-Charge at Trinity Episcopal Church in Castine Maine. My husband died in 2018. I spent the next couple of winters with my daughter and her wife in Columbus, including attending church. In 2020 I met a widower at church, Mike, who invited me to a concert. I accepted. I sold my home in Maine in 2021 and moved to Bexley. To shorten the story, we had a blessing of our relationship in 2021. I am now retired from active ministry, though I am periodically involved in particular ways (i.e., leading a quiet day, and one more time preaching - this Sunday). Peg