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For over 80 years the Bexley Women's Club has been helping make Bexley, Ohio a better place. Our focus is on awarding scholarships, community involvement, and social service.

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Bexley Women's Club

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We are an engaged women’s network actively participating in and supporting our community through scholastic and social services since 1935. Our activities are shared by members of all ages across Bexley.

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  • Meet your neighbors and make new connections.
  • Share in service activities that benefit your community.
  • Help fund scholarships for high school seniors living in Bexley.
  • Get involved with one of our many groups or committees.
June 6, 2021

House & Garden Tour

The 2021 edition of the Bexley House and Garden celebrates outdoor living. To volunteer, buy tickets, or become a sponsor, visit the Home and Garden Tour page.

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Bexley Women's Club

Our Mission


Bexley Women’s Club is about both service and friendship. We participate in community events through the year and hold regular club gatherings to bring members together. We offer many opportunities to connect, have fun, and make new friends.


Since 1937, Bexley Women’s Club has awarded scholarships every year to deserving students. As of 2020, the Bexley Women’s Club has provided approximately 900 scholarships to high school seniors living in Bexley, totaling almost $550,000.

Social Service

Support for women & their families has always been a priority for Bexley Women’s Club. We work with partners like the YMCA Family Shelter, Bexley’s own Developmental Assets Resource Network (DARN), & Operation Buckeye to fulfill our social service mission.

Bexley Women's Club

Women's Award

Dear Bexley Community Members,

Since 1935, Bexley Women’s Club has been organizing and serving our wonderful community with three important missions of Community outreach, Scholastic, and Social Services.

On our 86th year in 2021, we are proud to announce our first “BWC Women’s Awards” to recognize amazing community work demonstrated by local community members. We need your help to nominate a special someone or a group who deserve the recognition.

Bexley Women's Club

Featured Website Sponsor

Bexley Women's Club would like to thank our website sponsors and those that support the Bexley Women's Club and it's Mission of Community, Scholarship, and Social Service.

Bexley Women's Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to live in Bexley to be a BWC member?
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