Bexley Women's Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to live in Bexley to be a BWC member?
Do I have to be a woman to be a BWC member?
Am I required to have a recommendation or referrals from current BWC members to join?
What type of membership levels do you have and what benefits can I get by joining BWC?
Who is eligible to apply for the BWC Scholarships?
Can only young women apply for this scholarship?
Do I have to be attending college to apply?
Where do the Scholarship funds come from?
Can I volunteer to help with the tour?
I have paid for my ticket. Where do I pick it up?
Where can I buy tickets in advance?
Where are the tour headquarters at Columbus School for Girls?
Where can I park at headquarters?
How much do tickets to the tour cost?
Where can I buy tickets on tour day?
I have my ticket. Where do I begin the tour?
How can local businesses support Bexley Women's Club?
What is the benefit of becoming a Website Sponsor?
What is the process to become a Website Sponsor? Who is the contact person?
What's new this year?
Can't find your answer? Get in touch with us!
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