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It is BWC Renewal time.  Please renew your membership (and update your contact info) by using the members only login button at:
Please also encourage any neighbors or friends to join the BWC!  Any new members can join the BWC by visiting:
Dues are still $40 for an Annual Membership and $200 for a Lifetime Membership.  If the sum of your age plus the number of years you have been a member adds up to 100 or more you qualify to be a Member of Distinction (MOD) and you do not have to pay any dues.  Please let Membership Chair, Courtney Hanna, know if you qualify.   Dues can also be paid by mailing a check to us at Bexley Women's Club, PO Box 9023, Columbus, OH 43209.

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So we can regularly update our members on BWC events and announcements, we have started a private Facebook page for BWC members. If you have a Facebook profile and are a current BWC member, please join this group by going to: also follow the public page of the Bexley Women's Club (search for BWC Bexley Women's Club) at:

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We are in the process of transitioning our membership signup/upgrade process.  Please return after July 1 to use our new streamlined process.

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