Women's Award

Bexley Women's Club

Women's Award

Dear Bexley Community Members,

Since 1935, the Bexley Women’s Club has served our special community with a three-part mission: community outreach, scholarship, and social services.

We are proud to continue our Women's Awards Program, which we began in 2021, to recognize the important contributions and achievements of women and youth in our community.

You can get involved by nominating a special someone who deserves this recognition.

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Bexley Women's Club

Who Is This Award For?

The Bexley Women’s Club Women’s Award recognizes women and youth in our community who work to benefit others, whether through community outreach, social service, or scholarship service. This includes professionals who go the extra mile, as well as volunteers who are working to improve our community.

Judging Criteria
The degree to which their services/ actions have made a lasting or meaningful contribution or impact on their community - 40%
The length and degree of their service(s) – 20%
The extent to which their service or action might be considered above and beyond the call of duty – 20%
The extent to which their action would be recognized and valued by their peers/ community leaders- 20%

Bexley Women's Club

Recognizing Bexley Women

Bexley Women’s Club started the women’s award in 2021 to recognize extraordinary women in the Bexley community who lead by example, live their purpose, and inspire others to act within our community. Bexley Women’s Club would like to ignite their momentum for others and to move our mission forward by recognizing superior work by women as champions.

Please investigate your network to find women leaders who are exceptional. We want to encourage them to elevate their leadership and to recognize their achievement so that we continue to inspire the next generation of leaders.

Here are the award categories:

- Community Service Award
- Scholastic Enrichment Award
- Social Service Award

- Community Service Award (Grades 6-8)
- Community Service Award (Grades 9-12)

Here is how the process works:

  • Click the button below to fill out the nomination form. You can nominate an individual woman or a group led by a woman making significant contributions to the Bexley community.

    The nomination period is open from January 16, 2022 to March 6, 2022.
  • The Women’s Award Committee will evaluate nominations in March. Award recipients will be announced on Tuesday, April 5, 2022.
  • The Bexley Women’s Club Women’s Award recognition ceremony will take place on Tuesday, April 5, 2022 during our Birthday Meeting.
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Bexley Women's Club

2021 Women's Award Recipients

womens award winners and mayor of bexley, ohio

(Pictured From Left to Right)
Bexley Mayor Ben Kessler, Scholastic Award recipient and BWC’s Member of Distinction, Edie Mae Herrel, BWC President Akisa Fukuzawa

Amy Acton

Special Service Award (one time)
Dr. Amy Acton nominated by BWC Women’s Award Committee, for her distinct contribution to Ohioans’ public health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Edie Mae Herrel

Adult Scholastic Award
Edie Mae Hamilton Herrel nominated by Jane Baldwin,
for her lifetime work on Columbus Junior Theatre of the Arts and Bexley Historical Society.

Cindy Tyson

Adult Social Service Award
Cindy Tyson nominated by Monique Lampke,
for her dedicated work on Bexley City Schools COVID Task Force.

Kathy Gatterdam

Adult Community Award
Kathy Gatterdam
nominated by Marie Hurt, Gavin Levine, John Koetz, Jan Zupnick, for her longstanding work on Rotary Youth Exchange.

Sydney Swendal

Youth MS Community Service Award
Sydney Swendal nominated by Brooke Wojcik,
for her variety of volunteer work through Bexley Middle School Cheerleading team including Down Syndrome Association’s annual walk.

Meagan Warren

Youth HS Community Service Award
Meagan Warren nominated by Mark Ritter,
for her numerous hours creating and working on the "Books For Bedtime" project.

DARN logo

Group award (one time)
Women of DARN (Marguerethe Jaede, President) nominated by Ben Kessler, Mayor of Bexley,
for their dedicated work at Developmental Assets Resource Network to help provide desperately needed food and financial support to impacted children and families.