Bexley Women's Club

Providing Support Through Scholarship

Bexley Women’s Club supports our community each year by providing scholarships to graduating high school seniors who live in Bexley.

We also support other educational endeavors in the Bexley Schools, including speakers and minority scholarship programs.

The Bexley Women's Club funds scholarships through generous donations, fundraising events throughout the year, and our main fundraiser, the Bexley House and Garden Tour.

If you are a Bexley resident high school senior, then you are eligible to apply for a Bexley Women’s Club scholarship.

In the "Financial Need" section of your application, please upload the first page of FAFSA (see attachment) to verify your EFC score if you have completed your FAFSA application.

2021-2022 Application Window:

This year's scholarship application opens on December 18th at 12:01am and closes on February 21st at 11:59pm. Any applications submitted outside of this window will not be evaluated.

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  • Over 915 total scholarships awarded since 1937
  • Over $570,000 awarded in total
  • Open to all high school seniors residing in Bexley
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Terms & Conditions

Applicants must be legal residents of Bexley. Recipients are selected based on merit, community involvement, and financial need through a blind review of submitted applications.

Scholarship recipients will be determined in late April and announced at the BHS awards ceremony (or by mail if you aren’t a BHS student). Any scholarship awarded must be used for the following academic year. GAP students are not eligible.

If you are awarded a scholarship, it will be your responsibility to provide enrollment verification before the award can be finalized and a check issued.

Verification must be provided no later than September 1, 2021.  If you are not able to provide verification by this date, your award will be granted to the next runner up.

Should you have questions, please e-mail Courtney Smith, Chair of the Bexley Women’s Club Scholarship Committee at

On behalf of all Bexley Women’s Club members, thank you for your participation in the scholarship program. We wish you all the best as you actively pursue your educational goals.

Disclaimer: The scholastic department retains the right to verify any information provided by a scholarship applicant. Scholarship applicants are eligible to receive a scholarship from Bexley Women’s Club only once. A scholarship recipient who is not enrolled in an accredited college or university for the fall term following receipt of his or her scholarship award shall forfeit said scholarship.

Bexley Women's Club

Last Year's Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the Bexley Women's Club most recent scholarship award winners!

Gabrielle Cabanes - Bexley Women’s Club General
Harley Carroll - Margaret E. Park Memorial
Lainey Dorrian - Bexley Women’s Club Memorial
Gillian Frost - Bexley Women’s Club Founders' Memorial
Juliette Garcia - Bexley Women’s Club General
Anna Hughes - Alba & Virginia Whiteside Memorial
Jackson Klingelhofer - Bexley Women’s Club General
Joseph Lin - Barbara Baldwin Lewis Memorial
Zachary Trabitz - Bexley Women’s Club General
Caroline Ziegler - Helen Farr Memorial

June 5, 2022

15th Annual
House & Garden Tour

Hope you enjoyed the 2021 outdoor Tour - we look forward to your participation in this year's Tour on June 5, 2022. The 2022 Tour will return to featuring homes and gardens. To volunteer, buy tickets, or become a sponsor, visit the House and Garden Tour page.

House & Garden Tour Page
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Frequently Asked

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