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Bexley Women's Club

Part of our vibrant community

We strive to improve our community, Bexley, and to build a network of members of all ages that offers social connection and support.

We celebrate Bexley by participating actively in community events throughout the year including the Independence Day Parade, Bexley Labor Day Block Party, Bexley Main Event, Bexley Harvest Festival, and Bexley New Residents Welcome.

Our Community Chalk Collage outside the Bexley Public Library brought people together to celebrate the unity and beauty of our community.

The Club also offers social connection and support to its members. Through euchre games, book club meetings, and gardening work parties, Bexley Women’s Club members build the kind of caring, neighborly relationships that make Bexley a special place to live.

We build upon our rich history and tradition of community involvement as we strive to expand our community impact.

Community Department News

Bexley Women’s Club was well represented at Bexley’s Harvest Fest on Friday, October 13.  We are grateful to the many members who baked and packaged cookies and brownies to offer to the families at the Fest.  We are only permitted to ask for donations for the cookies, but we took in $217. Thanks to BWC members Joan Powers (a new member) and Leonie Turack (who came straight from work to help out) along with A.J. Myers who transported the cookies and worked with Joan and Leonie at the BWC table.

Our next undertaking will be the Poinsettia sale with Ann Russell in charge.

  • Meet your neighbors and make new connections.
  • Share in service activities that benefit your community.
  • Help fund scholarships for high school seniors living in Bexley.
  • Get involved with one of our many groups or committees.

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