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Hello Ladies. I have resided in Bexley for 2 years, having always wanted to live here. Three of my 5 children live in Bexley, one in Brooklyn and one near Boulder. I have 5 grandchildren: 3 at Bexley schools and 2 at St. Catharine. I have been active at St. Catharine since 2004. My home is on South Cassady Ave., I live alone,. and I am one of those folks who is adding an addition on to the rear of her house. What a fun/frustrating/creative/expensive (!) process it has been. I am nearing the end of that process and am thrilled. I belong to a Bexley women's book group and am enjoying making new friends. A graduate of Rice University, I moved here from New York (the city then Westchester County) 27 years ago.

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