2014 Tour Homes

Nine homes have been selected for the 2014 Bexley House & Garden Tour:

The home of Dan and Debora Carr is located at 181 Ashbourne Road.

The home of Stacey and Josh Gaines is located at 2629 Bexley Park.

The home of Karen and Tom King is located at 2819 Powell Avenue.

The home of Edith and Peter Korda is located at 410 N. Columbia Avenue.

The home of Joel and Julie Politi is located at 116 S. Columbia Avenue.

The home of Geraldine and Jim Schlueter is located at 316 S. Roosevelt Avenue.

The home of Marti and Roger Steffy is located at 2540 Maryland Avenue.

The home of Rick and Barb Weber is located at 99 Bishop Square.

The home of Bill and Donni Woods is located at 967 College Avenue.